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17 February 2010 @ 08:34 pm
5x09 '100'  
This is a discussion for tonight's episode "100"

Watch out for spoilers in the comments

*sorry being late*
mozzdimozzdi on February 19th, 2010 10:04 am (UTC)
Absolutely awesome episode and I even shed tears again the 2nd time around. Thomas Gibson was fantastic in this, he deserves an Emmy nomination, if not the Emmy.
julsus: wall02 (Jensen)julsus on February 23rd, 2010 03:22 am (UTC)
This ep was amazing!!!!! Agreed Thomas Gibson as Hotchy was just superb. The scene where he is searching his own home...and they don't play any music...it's all silent...I was on the edge of my seat.

Love this show!!!